About Us

Welcome to Great Commission Christian Church Japan or GC3 Japan, a vibrant Pentecostal community located in Gyotoku, Ichikawa City, Chiba. Nestled near the Gyotoku station along the Metro Tozai line and in proximity to Nishi Funabashi, we are easily accessible for those seeking a spiritual home.

Our Identity

At GC3 Japan, we proudly embrace our Pentecostal roots. We are a diverse and international congregation, reflecting the warmth, joy, and welcoming spirit of our faith.

Our Community

Our community is a beautiful tapestry of cultures, primarily composed of Filipinos and Japanese. In our diversity, we find strength, unity, and a shared love for Christ. We conduct our services in English, with translations available in Japanese, ensuring that everyone can fully participate and engage in our worship.

Worship Service

Join us every Sunday for a transformative worship experience. Our gatherings take place in a house church setting, fostering an intimate and family-like atmosphere. Additionally, for those unable to attend in person, we occasionally connect through Zoom online sessions. For more details on our meeting schedule or to inquire about Zoom sessions, please feel free to contact us.

Connect with Us

We extend an open invitation to all who seek a place of spiritual growth, fellowship, and genuine connection. Whether you are a longtime believer or just starting your spiritual journey, you are welcome at GC3 Japan. Reach out to us for more information on how you can become a part of our international, warm, and happy church family.

At GC3 Japan, we believe in the power of community, the joy of worship, and the transformative love of Christ. Join us on this exciting journey of faith and fellowship!